The International World Shit Public Holiday

The International World Shit Public Holiday
The International World Shit Public Holiday

Life happens. Shit happens. And it happens a lot. To a lot of people.
Colleen Hoover

Ready for a new campaign! This is an invitation to sign the petition and support the cause for the creation of the International World Shit Public Holiday. The epoch-making proposal is suggested by our main face brand Crap Italy based for the occasion in Florence.

Considering that everyone is forced to fight daily not only to earn a place in heaven, but more simply a minimum of dignity, intellectual and physical goods, and that therefore we all need a bit of healthily rest, a great idea came to me looking at some images from an Instagram profile offering exquisite grooming and shaving ass products for the modern gentleman, so I told to myself, Crap Italy free sponsorship is once again ready to make available its creativity for a new wonderful international adventure!

So the new cause was born, from a Carl William Brown’s idea, supported by the Daimon Art genial museum and advised by its divine muses, and the image of a sculpture by the famous eclectic artist Andros entitled “Crapitalism” that has already sponsored the great Expoop 2015 Exibition in Milan, the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy 2016 in Rome, a large wall of a house situated in the centre of Brescia, in San Faustino street, near Rovetta square and Largo Formentone, in front of the old Loggia Palace, the prestigious headquarter of the city council, and which also represents the True Face of Justice of our stupid world and it is as well devoted to all the great shit faces of our fabulous planet!

Since it is certainly true that there are a lot of festivities devoted to all sorts of events, both religious and secular, but not just one single day to honour and celebrate the most important thing for the humankind, therefore this is a serious shortcoming that needs to be healed, in order to increase both the multicultural identity of our global society and the religious diversity of this amazing world!

What’s more this New and Holy Public Holiday would be accepted very attractively and pleasantly by the whole world and above all by the Chinese, the American, the Indian, the European, the African and the Arabian who are great and proud producer of this magic stuff; then all the workers, the students and mainly the artists should be glad of having another occasion to show their abilities and celebrate through exibitions, charities and concerts such an important day, producing at the same time still more magic stuff and increasing therefore the stupid entropy of our incredible planet. Anyway our main sponsor is confident in your own good will and as an anticipation it is also eager to reveal that is planning to create a line of new perfums for the great event!

P.S. Even the world of finance and the most serious traders who usally haven’t got time for a shit, since “shitting is for wimps”, as Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) said in the film, Wall Street, will enjoy the opportuny to celebrate in the most quiet and satisfactory manner the great occasion.

Wise and fair concepts have already been expressed, but since people do not listen, and most importantly they do not know a shit, we must continue to repeat them.
Carl William Brown

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.